Be Careful of Scam


CAUTION to anyone using an online recruitment website, Zackary Group local construction firm, employing a small crew of skilled and general labors. We hire new employees on an as needed basis and hire based on direct referrals and after in-person interviews. We never use recruitment sites such as;; or and Zackary Group does not employ any customer service representative, administrative assistance or similar type positions. If you or someone you know has recently applied for and been hired by Zackary Group via a website, you are being scammed. The person who hired you, Michael Williams has never been employed by Zackary Group and the position you were hired for, does not exist at Zackary Group. This scam will cost you thousands of dollars. It involves you receiving a check made out to you for $2,000 to $4,000. The check is real and will come via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. You will be told to immediately deposit the check into your personal bank account. Next, you will be told to purchase gift cards with the funds and forward via email the card numbers, which they will immediately transfer to different cards. Unfortunately, it will take longer for the bank to process the check than it will for you to complete the task. By the time your bank tells you the check was no good you will already have completed the task. Once your bank deducts the funds from your account, you be left with useless gift cards. If you have been caught by this scam, we recommend you contact your local county sheriff or police department to file a report. Be prepared to provide all email correspondence and any mail received. There are other people he has perpetrated this crime against, and the FBI is investigating this crime.